What Makes Mandala Different



When you get a treatment at Mandala, you get a full hour, hour and half, or two hours of actual treatment time on the table. The majority of other spas give you 50 min, 80 min, or 110 min. 



Every massage therapist, esthetician, laser technician, and yoga instructor has at minimum 10 years of hands on experience. All of our staff attends yearly trainings to keep up to date on upcoming trends.  

Our Owner


Marguerite Barnett, MD created Mandala 16 years ago to accompany her surgery and medical office. She is Double Board Certified Harvard - MIT Trained.  Dr. Barnett believes in drawing upon the wisdom of ancient indigenous healing arts synergized with advancements of modern science. 



While we are just like everyone else and get enticed my photoshopped instagram photos, we are also realists. With our combined experience and dedication to proven facts, we thouroughly research new trends and can assist you in making informed decsions along your wellness journey. 



All of our therapists are dedicated to helping each client on their wellness journey, bottom line. If something isnt an appropriate fit for you, we will be honest and help you find something more beneficial to you as a client.  



Whether you visit us once on vacation, or live here and attend our workshops and events regularly, we strive to make our clients feel comfortable. Our staff has been together a long time, and we extend that feeling of community to our clients. We want to be on your list of places to go to help you feel good - mentally, emotionally, & physically.