Frequently Asked Questions


Can I do yoga if I am not flexible?

Yes! You are a perfect candidate for Yoga. You will find that continued yoga practice will help you become more flexible.

How is yoga different from stretching or other kinds of fitness?

Unlike stretching or fitness, yoga is more than just physical postures. Yoga is unique because we connect the movements of the body and fluctuations of the mind to the rhythm of our breath. Connecting mind, body and our breath helps us direct our attention inward

Is Yoga a religion?

Yoga is not a religion. It is a philosophy that began in India an estimated 5,000 years ago.

How many times per week should I practice

Yoga is amazing! Even if you only practice for one hour a week you will experience the benefits of the practice. 

What do I need to begin?

Wear comfortable clothing that you can move freely in.  It is nice to bring a towel to class as well as water. As your practice develops you might want to buy your own yoga mat but we do provide mats and other props at no additional charge.