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Skin Reveal Regenerative Wrap

Javanese Lulur Royal Spa Ritual

Javanese Lulur Royal Spa Ritual


 An exceptional multifaceted body wrap using powerful black mulberry extract combined with essential oils that act on the body to detox, firm, rejuvenate and brighten. Dull complexion, dehydrated and flabby skin are all treated at once. Results are a more radiant, fair, healthy and elastic skin as well as toned body. Regeneration is increased when combined with a jasmine rice scrub and aromatherapy massage using a unique blend of tropical, sweet and spicy essential oils.  

2 Hours $200

Javanese Lulur Royal Spa Ritual

Javanese Lulur Royal Spa Ritual

Javanese Lulur Royal Spa Ritual


This ancient beauty ritual originated in the palaces of Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia and has been used by royalty since the 17th Century to cleanse, smooth, soften and purify the skin.

As a Royal “Celebration of Love,” this purification ritual was traditionally performed on the bride-to-be every day, for 40 days leading up to her wedding ceremony.  It remains an important beauty custom and is still enjoyed throughout the country.

The Lulur begins with a rhythmic meditative Balinese Massage using organic Jasmine Frangipani Massage oil before a traditional lulur scrub containing turmeric, rice and jasmine is applied and followed by a refreshing splash of yogurt.*  Afterwards, you are in invited to soak in a fragrant, luxurious flower petal bath and polished to perfection with a moisturizing Jasmine Frangipani Body Lotion.  The Lulur is a true royal ritual, which leaves the skin soft, supple and glowing

1.5 Hours $150

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