Please Note:

A complimentary consultation must be booked with our Certified Permanent Cosmetic Technician before any service can be performed. Please call 941-927-2278 or Donna Gaume's direct line at 941-302-0658.  Prices are subject to change. 

Permanent Makeup

Upper and Lower Eyeliner

2 Hours $450

Upper Eyeliner

1.5 Hours $250

Lower Eyeliner

1 Hour $250

Eyebrows (Full Line or Microblading)

2 Hours $475

Full Lip Color with No Liner

3 Hours $500

Full Lip Color with Lipliner

3.5 Hours $750

Permanent makeup consent form

Please fill out and bring with you to your appointment. If you wish to fill out at the spa that is perfectly fine, we just ask that you arrive 15 min early. Thank You.