Past Life Regression

Buried in your unconsious is the memory of all of your past lives. Knowing who you were, your accomplishments, and failures, talents and skills sheds the light on who you are today. Hypnosis allows the conscious mind to relax and bring forth the buried information. It is a safe, relaxing process pioneered by psychiatrists; Dr. Brian Weiss author of the ground breaking book "Many Lives Many Masters". Past Life Regression satisfies both curiosity and reveals hidden information about your soul's purpose. 

About Elissa Bentsen

Elissa Bentsen is a former psychotherapist and has been the Executive Director of several United Way agencies in Florida. She is a certified hypnotist specializing in Past Life and Life Between Life Regression. She has studied with Dr. Brian Weiss and is the recipient of the 2014 & 2015 Natural Awakenings Magazine "Nattie" award for Best Energy Healer. She is also a certified remote healer and has studied with Dr. Russel Targ, the former Director of the Stanford Research Institute and a Reiki practitioner.