October 31, 2014


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YOGA with Randall Buskirk

Mondays & Saturdays – All Levels 9am
Tuesdays – Gentle 9am
Thursdays - All Levels 5:30pm
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“Yoga is both the journey and destination of living life well. My passion is using the practices of yoga–especially alignment-based asana, pranayama, and meditation–to safely open up the inner and outer worlds to deeper exploration. As student and teacher, together we grow and evolve our understanding of ourselves and life’s possibilities.”

Explore a yoga practice that fosters a soft and open heart; a clear, sharp mind; and a vibrant, strong and flexible body. These qualities will always serve, and more importantly, empower service to others. These classes with Randall will help you find, whether in a class or anywhere else along your highway, a map and fuel for your journey with passion. Whether you’re driving full-speed ahead or stopping to enjoy the scenic view, his intention is to help you realize your ultimate freedom and happiness, because that’s your true nature.


Mondays, 5:30pm – Christy

Be prepared to sweat and embrace the detoxifying effects of this practice! Suitable for all levels. Enjoy classical yoga, gently warming your muscles as each posture prepares your body for the next. To help you get the most out of your practice: avoid eating a heavy meal the day of class, and try not to eat within 2 hours before class time; hydrate well with water/clear liquids throughout the day; wear stretchy yoga wear; if you have any high or low blood pressure issues please consult your physician before taking this class. The room is not heated above 95 degrees.


Tuesdays,  5:45pm – Mary

Pilates is a series of exercises to improve posture. Pilates strengthens the core muscles of the pelvis, abdomen and back to improve balance, trunk strength and flexibility and relieve chronic pain. Mary has been teaching Pilates for 25 years. Certified through PIA, NSPA and studies as well as worked under Robert Sherman of FIT Bethesda, MD. Mary teaches basic through advanced functional mat classes with modifications for beginners as well as students with limitations.


Wednesdays, 9am – Kathy

Nia is a body-mind-spirit fitness program for any age. Practiced barefoot to music, Nia combines martial arts, healing arts, and dance to create a workout. Nia is an amazing tool for increasing JOY!! In 2006 Kathy discovered Nia, a workout, lifestyle, and personal growth program, from fusing the expressiveness of dance, the power of martial arts and the body awareness of yoga. “My purpose in life is to connect people and to support people on their healing path through movement, music, and magic.” -Kathy

HOOP DANCE with Bonnie Brown

Wednesdays, 10am
Let your Inner Child out to play!

Hoop dance is an emerging form of creative movement that combines ecstatic dance, meditation, exercise and play. This dance offers stronger connections, not only between one’s own mind and body, but also to a larger community. Hooping with larger, hand-crafted versions of the traditional hula hoop not only massages, exercises and tones the body, it also offers a cleansing, healing practice.

Beginners will get all the tools and techniques needed to get started on the hoop path and to find their own unique rhythm to dance – their “Flow.” There will be a series of basic moves and techniques taught for keeping the hoop up, recovery methods, dancing in your hoop, and other simple methods for moving in and out of the hoop. Hoops of various sizes will be provided to use during classes. Your own personal hand-crafted hoop can be purchased through Bonnie.

GENTLE YOGA with Melinda Love

Wednesdays, 5:30pm

Move from gentle to challenging, and relaxing to energizing, all within a safe environment guided by Melinda’s warmth and professional touch. Leave yoga class feeling stronger, yet calmer!

Melinda Love has been studying and teaching yoga for over 25 years. She has taught yoga from India to Maui to Florida and has studied various styles throughout her extensive career. She is 200 hour certified in the Sivananda tradition.


Fridays, 9am – Lisa Davis

Align and Shine lyengar based yoga with strengthening asanas that include working on flexibility with the use of props when needed. Beginning and ending each class with a breath meditation. Shine On! Lisa Davis has been teaching Hatha yoga lyenger style for six years, practicing for over fifteen. Lisa ran her own studio in Buffalo NY while also teaching for the University of Buffalo Athletics Department. Her classes are informative, fun and lively.




By Appointment Only (Private and Group Classes)
All levels welcome!

Looking for a fun girls night out? Would you like to learn a new sensual gift for that someone special? Come and discover your sexy side in this dance and fitness class! Nicole will help you develop and incorporate all your muscles and expand your physicality to graceful and sinewy movement. Using a chair as a dance partner, this class improves core strength while toning and firming your entire body. Classes also include warmup and cool down, and a small choreographed take-home routine. Class is suitable for beginning, as well as experienced, students. Nicole has been a Pole Dance instructor for over 5 years, and is also a trained Stott Pilates Instructor and TRX Trainer, and is able to modify any movement for every body. Wear capris or yoga pants, and socks or legwarmers.

Cost $70 per person, $20 each additional person