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  ALL LEVELS YOGA with Randall Buskirk

Monday/Tuesday/Saturday 9:00am  All levels Yoga
“Yoga is both the journey and destination of living life well. My passion is using the practices of yoga–especially alignment-based asana, pranayama, and meditation–to safely open up the inner and outer worlds to deeper exploration. As student and teacher, together we grow and evolve our understanding of ourselves and life’s possibilities.”Explore a yoga practice that fosters a soft and open heart; a clear, sharp mind; and a vibrant, strong and flexible body. These qualities will always serve, and more importantly, empower service to others. These classes with Randall will help you find, whether in a class or anywhere else along your highway, a map and fuel for your journey with passion. Whether you’re driving full-speed ahead or stopping to enjoy the scenic view, his intention is to help you realize your ultimate freedom and happiness, because that’s your true nature.

  HOOP DANCE with Bonnie Brown

Wednesday 10:00am
Let your Inner Child out to play!

Hoop dance is an emerging form of creative movement that combines ecstatic dance, meditation, exercise and play. This dance offers stronger connections, not only between one’s own mind and body, but also to a larger community. Hooping with larger, hand-crafted versions of the traditional hula hoop not only massages, exercises and tones the body, it also offers a cleansing, healing practice.Beginners will get all the tools and techniques needed to get started on the hoop path and to find their own unique rhythm to dance – their “Flow.” There will be a series of basic moves and techniques taught for keeping the hoop up, recovery methods, dancing in your hoop, and other simple methods for moving in and out of the hoop. Hoops of various sizes will be provided to use during classes. Your own personal hand-crafted hoop can be purchased through Bonnie.

 GENTLE YOGA with Melinda Love

Wednesday  5:30pm

Move from gentle to challenging, and relaxing to energizing, all within a safe environment guided by Melinda’s warmth and professional touch. Leave yoga class feeling stronger, yet calmer!Melinda Love has been studying and teaching yoga for over 25 years. She has taught yoga from India to Maui to Florida and has studied various styles throughout her extensive career. She is 200 hour certified in the Sivananda tradition.

Gentle Flow Yoga and Power Yoga with Carolyn Wagner

Thursday 9am (Gentle Flow)

Friday 9am (Power Yoga)

Carolyn has combined her background in clinical fitness with her love of yoga to create a fun and motivating power style class. She is trained in Iyengar Yoga with influences from many other styles, including Ashtanga. Therefore her class has a bit of everything: A workout for the fitness gurus, an introduction to those new to yoga, and a variety for those yogis that are looking to mix it up. Always working on flexibility and range of motion, adding some functional strength training, rock some core work and flow! Carolyn’s background is in Clinical Fitness and Personal Training and has been teaching and practicing yoga for 15 years. She has competed in all distances of triathlons as well as running and open water swim events.

Yoga/Pilates Mix and Hatha Yoga with Lisa Davis

Monday 5:30pm  (Yoga/Pilates)

Wednesday 9am   (Hatha Yoga)



Gentle Vinyasa with Kristin Kolterman

Tuesday and Thursday 6pm  (Gentle Vinyasa)