November 25, 2015

Indonesian Treatments


Thai body ritual utilizing organic products from Thailand to detoxify the body and stimulate circulation while you slim down and relax. Includes body polish, contouring body mask, banana leaves wrap, and our signature Royal Thai and Accupressure massage.


A traditional Indonesian treatment, begins with an herbal body scrub, refreshing yogurt with honey splash, a luxurious floral soak with tropical flowers and Ytsara’s organic Lemongrass Bath Gel, followed with a relaxing massage.

Body Wraps

Body wraps are designed to stimulate circulation and invigorate the metabolism. Intensive detoxification and recontouring of the silhouette, improving skin tone
and the appearance of cellulite. During this relaxing treatment, the body is gently cocooned in a thermal wrap with a blend of organic herbal extracts and aromatherapy oils.Four different wraps to choose from: Sensual – 7 flowers; Rejuvenate – pineapple and tamarind; Calm – thai white clay; and Contour – ginger and lemongrass
60m  $90

Jamu Thai Tropical Coconut Scrub

Luscious tropical scrub inludes a body mask, with coconut to hydrate and balance the skin, refreshing shower and soothing lotion application.
60m  $90


A traditional Thai herbal poultice is steamed and applied to the body along with our signature Royal Thai and aromatherapy massage bringing deep medicinal heat to sore muscles, releasing tension, and revitalizing the mind.
90m  $150

Nai Plai Head and Neck Recovery

A traditional Thai herbal poultice is steamed and applied to the back, neck, shoulders, and head in combination with our signature Royal Thai and aromatherapy massage. Targeting the areas where stress manifests the most, this treatment soothes tension, releases knotted muscles and re-energizes


A traditional Ayurvedic treatment in which a stream of warm oil gently flows onto the forehead. Deeply relaxing, dispersing negative energies, reversing imbalances and calming the both the mind and body.
75m  $130

Thai Massage

Uses gentle rocking, acupressure, compression and deep assisted stretches to help open, exercise and tone all the systems of the body. Done with the client comfortably dressed, on a floor mat, the therapist uses their hands, thumbs, fingers, elbows, forearms, knees and feet on pressure points. Therapists are trained to respect everyone’s varied amount of flexibility. For best results, we recommend the 90 minute treatment.
60m $100
90m  $150