August 23, 2014

Spa Products

Our featured product lines fit our philosophy and standard of excellence and are results oriented. They are designed to work together and complement one another. Some have been chosen based on our philosophy of fair trade and sustainability, for instance, a % of the profits from Ytsara and Jamu go directly back to the indigenous people who produce them. And we believe in using natural, organic, cruelty-free products.

Mandala Med-Spa’s science-based lines are Osmosis (the newest technology designed to repair and build at the dermal layer) and
ProCyte’s Neova line (featuring copper peptides and SPF anti-aging repair). Our exotic tropical line from Indonesia is Ytsara (centuries old formulas grown and imported from Thailand)

We are excited to introduce Comfort Zone’s luxurious oils, creams, balms, body scrubs and travel size products (endorsed by Ophray Winfrey).

Call 941 927-2278, email, or visit Mandala Med-Spa for your skin care products!

Please note that certain products will require a consultation and prescription from one of our qualified aestheticians or doctors before you can obtain them.