About Us / Mandala Med Spa

Dr. Marguerite Barnett, owner and originator of the Spa, is a Harvard-MIT trained, double board certified in Plastic and General Surgery. The spa is a member of the International SPA Association (ISPA) and we are ADA compliant. Practicing in Venice, Florida for over twelve years, Dr. Barnett outgrew that facility and decided it was time to follow through with her vision of an exotic, Indonesian inspired spa that would also include her surgical practice.

A new healing vision was born, combining the beauty and ancient wisdom of indigenous cultures with today’s modern science. The Point of Rocks building underwent a metamorphosis and now houses a Balinese med-spa complimented with museum quality sculptures and artifacts. Dr. Barnett has taken the time to ensure that each detail, no matter how small, creates a holistic environment that supports wellness and tranquility.

From the tropical atmosphere of the spa to the quality of the products and the warmth of the staff, no detail has been overlooked in an effort to serve our customers with excellence, beauty, and comfort.  Mandala Med-Spa offers a great variety of therapies with the goal of providing our clients nourishment for the body, mind and spirit by drawing on the wisdom of ancient healing arts synergized with cutting edge advancements of modern medical science.

Our logo reflects our goal: it symbolizes awareness and the pathway to a blissful state of centered tranquility, health, and wholeness.